Chorus Is An Aussie Developed Adventure Musical And It Needs Your Help

If games are greater than the sum of their parts then we’re in for a bloody treat with Chorus, a narrative-driven adventure musical penned by former BioWare scribe David Gaider. It’s also set to feature the always phenomenal Austin Wintory, known best for composing Journey, as well as the talented Laura Bailey under vocal direction from none other than Troy Baker.

On paper, it sounds like a damn treat, but there’s a catch. If it has piqued your interest, then it requires a helping hand.

The game is going through its funding campaign as we speak on Fig and it’s doing rather well. Of its $600,000USD goal, it has already amassed one fifth. So while there’s some way to go, it’s a promising first couple of days for Chorus and the team at Summerfall Studios, which is based in Melbourne.

Chorus is set in an urban world much like our own, though like a lot of other fantastical stories, mysterious forces linger in plain sight, bubbling beneath the surface of our perception. Not dissimilar to something like The Wolf Among Us, Chorus features a cast of ancient gods and beasts, all as twisted incarnations so to suit the modern setting.

Drawing inspiration from titles such as Life is Strange as well as Gaider’s previous works with Dragon Age, Chorus appears to blend adventure, the drama inherent to dialogue exchanges, and of course romance.

Chorus has already received some start-up funding from Film Victoria, which is phenomenal to hear, but of course, it costs a lot of money to make videogames so the team has turned to us to help make Chorus a reality.

There is much more information and updates over at the campaign page.