bugsnax card game

Bugsnax Is Getting An Official Card Game

NOT an April Fool's joke.

Although it’s easy to be feel out on April Fool’s jokes in the year 2024, the most creative people use this time of the year to drop actual real projects that are absurd enough to fit in wonderfully with the vibe.

One such project is a newly-announced tabletop card game based on the Young Horses’ iconic 2020 release and PS5 launch title, Bugsnax.

Bugsnax: The Card Game was announced in appropriately tongue-in-cheek fashion with the studio’s reveal post on X reading:

“ANNOUNCING: Bugsnax multiplayer.

“All it took was re-designing the game as a fun, easy-to learn card game, trapping all the snax in cards, and designing a Kickstarter campaign.”

The Kickstarter, which has already smashed through its pledge goal of $22,983 AUD with a currently total of $34,901 (at the time of writing) and 29 days still to go, reveals that Bugsnax: The Card Game will see players take on the role of their favorite Grumpus and use unique ability cards and traps to outwit the other players, overcome the Bugsnax defenses and be the first to munch on a certain amount of Bugsnax. The game will include 13 Grumpuses and 40 Bugsnax with standard or advanced modes of play, and will ship with an instruction manual, 6 base decks, and 10 advanced decks.

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You can find out more about Bugsnax: The Card Game, or pledge to secure your copy, right here. Note that physical copies from Kickstarter won’t be shipping outside of the US, but will become available from an online storefront after pledged copies have been sent out in roughly October 2024. So you can still back the game via a digital copy if you’d like to support the project and don’t mind printing it at home, but Aussie fans keen on a proper physical version will have to wait.

Close-up photo of the standard decks for Chandlo, Snorpy, Shelda, and Filbo, along with the Trap and Snax decks. Each of the grumpus decks have icons for the character showing off their personality. Filbo is waving, Chandlo is flexing, Shelda is shouting at the sky, and Snorpy is scheming.

In our review of Bugsnax: The Video Game, we said, “Whether it’s the super-catchy theme song, the nostalgia-evoking gameplay, or simply the very basic fun of hunting new Snax to transform the Grumpuses, Bugsnax is a game that is well worth your time. Its simple yet addictive challenge of catching the cute/strange creatures coupled with some wholesome/sinister storytelling delivers a well-rounded and fun adventure.”