Meet Australia’s Strangest Esports Team

A little while ago, Lenovo announced that Shannon Noll would Captain an eSports team called the ‘Motley Squad. It’s now been revealed that his team will be comprised of infamous PR icon, Roxy Jacenko, Olympic Speed Skater, Steve Bradbury and Love Island’s Cassidy McGill.

The four of them will be playing PUBG at this weekend’s Legion of Champion Series which will be taking place in Sydney. You’ll be able to follow their progress in the tournament HERE.

I’ve sat at my desk for a solid 10-15 minutes trying to process all of this. I’m still not sure what to make of it. I can’t tell if they’re going to give it a legitimate go, or if it’s all just a PR stunt (I’m guessing the latter), but it’ll be interesting to tune in the weekend and see how they go in a game of PUBG.

Enjoy their player tiles.

Here’s what Shannon Noll and Roxy Jacenko had to say about competing:

It’s always important to get the right team together when competing and I think the Motley Squad has a great mix of skill sets that will help us survive in the game a bit longer than if we were going solo. I searched through my contacts and realised that by bringing together Roxy’s drive, Cassidy’s secret love of gaming, and Steve’s winning underdog skills, we’d be a team that competitors would regret underestimating”. said Nollsie.

“I’m strong willed and super competitive in everything I put my mind to. I like to win and work as part of a talented team. This challenge is definitely one we can win.” said Jacenko.