Sony And Facebook Gaming Will Miss GDC Due To Coronavirus Concerns

Within a few days of Sony announcing it was pulling out of PAX East due to concerns around the coronavirus, they have now pulled out of GDC for the same concerns.

Not only Sony, but Facebook Gaming, including Oculus VR will also be pulling out of the event scheduled to take place in mid-March.

While Facebook has cancelled their booth experience at GDC, they did release a statement with their plans to still share what is coming next.

“We still plan to share the exciting announcements we had planned for the show through videos, online Q&As, and more, and will plan to host GDC partner meetings remotely in the coming weeks.”

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It’s unclear whether Sony will do the same, after releasing this statement regarding their decision to miss the event.

“We have made the difficult decision to cancel our participation in Game Developers Conference due to increasing concerns related to COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus)”

Even though we won’t see Sony and Playstation at these events, we’re still expecting to hear more details from Sony about the PS5 in the coming weeks, but even that could be delayed. We’ll just have to wait and see.