E3 2020 Cancelled

E3 2020 Looks Like Its About To Be Cancelled

It’s been expected ever since Los Angeles declared a state of emergency, but it looks as if E3 2020 is about to be cancelled due to Coronavirus.

Devolver Digital Tweeted ‘Cancel your E3 flights and hotels, y’all’ before Kotaku Editor Jason Schreier chimed in saying that he’s been hearing whispers tonight from several pubs and developers that E3 is cancelled.

Further to this, Mike Futter from GameDev has also Tweeted saying that an E3 cancellation announcement is scheduled for tomorrow in the morning.

It’s unclear what this would mean for E3. It’s unlikely that it would be rescheduled, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we wouldn’t see press conferences streamed during the regular E3 week. This comes off the back of Coachella being announced earlier today and being rescheduled for October.

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