Tiger King The Sims

Someone Recreated Tiger King Using The Sims And It’s Hilariously Accurate

It’s no secret that Tiger King is one of the better things to happen in 2020. Every episode is insane, if not for the sheer fact that there are beautiful animals interacting with humans in American backyards, then definitely for they fact that the people in the doco seem like they are straight out of a Chris Lilley comedy series.

Some absolute legend over in the States has used The Sims to recreate Tiger King. Everything from Joe’s wild marriage with his two husbands, to Joe gassing Carole is featured in the amazing gallery that is full of The Sims scenes as well as character creations. I’ve scrolled through the gallery 3-4 times and I’m convinced that EA need to create a Tiger King expansion of The Sims.

You can find the gallery right HERE (or check it out below). If you’re keen on playing The Sims now (I know I am), you can sign up to EA Access to get some game time in. 

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