Resident Evil Village Jacket

This $2,000 Resident Evil Village Jacket Is Literally Just A Grey Jacket

We got a bunch of Resident Evil news this morning, including a pretty nice Collector’s Edition for Resident Evil Village as well as a release date. 

Scrolling through my Twitter feed, I came across a Chris Redfield coat which will set you back a casual $1,600 USD ($2,000 AUD). Some petty crazy expensive Resident Evil collectibles have released in the past including a fairly new typewriter for Resident Evil 2, but this is literally just an average grey trench coat.

Resident Evil Village Jacket

The product information reads:

“A replica of the coat worn by the veteran hero “Chris Redfield” who made a shocking appearance in the latest work of the Resident Evil series “Resident Evil Village” has been commercialized under thorough development supervision”

“Thick and light The authentic replica coat made in Japan using the top heavy melton fabric is based on the original costume created for “3D” scanning, in addition to the resized model (M, L, XL) that imagines everyday wear”

I’m sure it’s a great quality jacket, but again, it’s literally just a grey trench coat. I’ve absolutely love for someone to explain this to me. If you’re wanting to buy it for whatever reason (no judgement here), you can find the jacket here.