Sumer Game Fest

The Summer Games Fest Will Kick Off With A Showcase Stream With Big World Premieres

After last year’s successful launch, Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest is back again this year. Unlike last year, this year’s event will kick off with a big showcase event that will take place on Friday, June 11th at 4am AEST.

According to an interview with VGC, Keighley says that 20 or 30 games will be featured in the show with more than a dozen world premieres to take place. Speaking about the calibre of announcements, Keighley said that “Overall, I think there are going to be some big announcements and some long-awaited things that will be a part of June. I think there are going to be some good games that we’ll get to see, but I would also manage expectations that things have been delayed. I know fans want to go back to the full-on, E3 onslaught of true insanity, and I think there will be good things, but I do think it’s going to take a little while for things to ramp up.”

Summer Games Fest

Whilst the Summer Games Fest will be more condensed this year (it ran over several months last year) it will take place beyond this kick off stream. Publishers such as 2K, Activision, Bandai Namco, Blizzard, Devolver, EA, PlayStation, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Xbox, Sega and Square Enix will all be apart of it, either in the kick off stream, smaller announcements over the weeks or by holding their own events (some of which you’d think will also presumably be apart of E3).

It’s all becoming a little bit more clearer in terms of what those few weeks looks like. We’ll keep you posted on all announcements of streams happening during that very busy June period. So far, we know that Xbox, Ubisoft and several other publishers are going to be holding larger streams, with the likes of Nintendo and PlayStation still unclear.