Twitch Has Lowered Australian Subscription Prices

Earlier today, Twitch announced that it would be adjusting the price of subscriptions (including existing subscriptions, new paid subscriptions and gift subscriptions) across the ANZ and Asia-Pacific regions over the next week, to better align with the local costs of living and to assist creator growth and revenue in the long term. According to Twitch, since they adjusted the cost of subscriptions in Mexico and Turkey in May, to better align with local living costs, viewers have been gifting up to five times the average number of subs. This is a trend, says Twitch, that they are keen to replicate in our local market.

Below is a partial list of the Tier 1 subscription price changes for Australia and New Zealand, expected to come through sometime this week:

Local Sub Pricing in Asia Pacific Countries
Country Previous Price New Price % Decrease
Australia 8.99 AUD 7.99 AUD 11%
New Zealand 9.99 NZD 7.99 NZD 20%

In addition, to help creators adapt to the new pricing without sacrificing their short-term sub revenue, Twitch is launching a 12-month program that guarantees a set level of revenue for eligible streamers. This is a fantastic initiative from Twitch to level the playing field, allowing for more people to comfortably support their favourite creators no matter where they live. For more information on the expansion of Twitch’s local sub pricing model, you can read the full blog post right here.