Netflix Has Released Two Teaser Trailers For Its New Resident Evil Series

No, Commander Zavala, don't make the T-Virus!

The video-game-to-film-and-TV domination is in full swing this year, and the next big adaptation to drop is looking to be Netflix’s Resident Evil.

The series is set to follow a dual timeline with events unfolding both in 2022 and 2036, showing the origins and aftermath of yet another near-apocalyptic T-Virus catastrophe.

The second of the two teaser trailers that Netflix has released this week reveals that the catalyst for the events of the series is a new drug being developed to combat a variety of mental illnesses which, naturally, includes the T-Virus as one of its critical components.

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The series, which stars two notable film and video game actors Ella Balinska (Forspoken) and Lance Reddick (Horizon Forbidden West, Destiny), is due to hit the Netflix service on July 14. Take a look at the new trailers below: