Amazon Is Apparently Set To Acquire EA (Updated)

It’s in the game!

UPDATE: CNBC is now reporting that Amazon is not making a bid for Electronic Arts. It’s unclear at this point if it was on the table and the plans changed or if the below reports were incorrect.

According to sources near to GLHF, and as reported by For the Win, Amazon might be about to announce the acquisition of Electronic Arts, the publisher behind such games as Apex Legends and FIFA.

According to For the Win’s sources, the acquisition is expected to be announced within the next 24 hours.

Not only would the acquisition help boost Amazon’s stocks as a leader in game development, an area they’ve struggled to gain footing in so far, they’d also be able to leverage EA’s properties to create adaptations for television to bolster their original programming on Amazon Prime.

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Industry figures like Geoff Keighley have also taken to Twitter to give oxygen to the rumours, so it might just be a matter of time.

Amazon’s offer would have to be substantial to get close to the still pending deal that’d see Microsoft absorb Activision-Blizzard.