Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro Pictures And An Unboxing Video Have Leaked A Month Before Its Announcement

Meta's premium VR headset.

It’s been rumoured for some time that Facebook is due to launch the Meta Quest Pro, which is a more premium version of its VR headset that is set to be announced at the Meta Connect event on October 12th.

Ahead of this event, photos of the box of the Meta Quest Pro have leaked on Twitter this morning (it’s said that the box was left in a hotel room), and just hours later an entire unboxing has been put on Twitter, from this same user, that claims he waited a week for the item to be claimed before posting.

Both the image of the box and the unboxing line up with all the rumours we’ve heard about the device. Rumours have suggested that a Meta Quest Pro is set to be a much smaller and lighter headset, with higher resolution Mini LED displays and much more higher quality sensors and cameras to allow the headset to be both a better VR headset but also provide AR like experiences. The controllers also seem to have cameras on them to provide even better hand tracking.

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It’s said that the headset will be able to capture facial expressions through facial tracking sensors, blending real world and the virtual world together. An example in a leaked tutorial showed using the headset in front of a computer.

It’s expected that this will be a high-end device, somewhere in the $1000-$1500 mark, which makes sense given the Quest 2 now starts at $630. Given we’re already seeing final retail devices in warehouses, I’d expect that it will be launching around the Meta Quest event which takes place on October 12th.

It’s going to be extremely interesting to see how this shakes up compared to PlayStation VR2, which is set to be targeting a very similar demographic, but more focused on games over productivity.

We’ll obviously keep you posted on the Meta Quest Pro once it is revealed and give you all the details including pricing and release date.