c-smash vrs

One Of The PlayStation VR2’s Best Games Is Coming To Meta Quest Headsets

C-you there.

Developer RapidEyeMovers has announced that it’s bringing its fantastic PlayStation VR2 futuristic arcade sports title, C-Smash VRS, is finally making its way to Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 VR headsets on April 4th, 2024.

A reimagining of SEGA’s iconic arcade and Dreamcast joint, Cosmic Smash, C-Smash VRS is a stylish, cosmically-infused racket action game that sends players across space and time and back with full-body physicality in either solo play, competitive online multiplayer or even co-op play.

Now, C-Smash VRS is breaking free of its PS VR2 bonds to hit an even broader audience and with a combined global leaderboard across platforms and cross-play support planned as a future update.

The game’s director Jorg Tittel told IGN, “Our game uniquely does something that I don’t think other Quest games do to this degree. You’re not hammed in. It’s a sports game, but it’s a physical game; it’s also social. You can play it either alone or one-on-one with another player, and you’re full body so your legs and arms, you know everything is in there, you really feel at one with it, which is really gorgeous.”

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You can see a trailer for C-Smash VRS on Meta Quest below:

C-Smash VRS has received plenty of support for the existing PS VR2 version, with a massive update late last year introducing a neat Beat Saber-inspired Infinity Mode, co-op, avatar emotes, an AI Versus Bot, new levels, gameplay features, music and tons more.