migw 2022 steam fest

The Second Ever Melbourne International Games Week Steam Festival Is On Now

Get around some great Aussie content!

Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW) 2022 is upon us, and the celebrations are kicking off over on Steam again for the second year with the official MIGW Steam Festival.

Given that MIGW reports last year’s festival had over one million unique visitors and over 2.1 million viewers watched over 15 hours of curated content over the four days, for a cumulative total of over 146,997 hours, it makes sense that the event is back and even bigger this year.

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Curious gamers can jump onto Steam between September 29th and October 3rd to check out a stacked schedule of panels and talks, grab some locally-developed games on sale and even try out free demos for games like Justice Sucks: Tactical Vacuum Action, Mars First Logistics, Wylde Flowers and Conscript.

Head over to the landing page for the MIGW Steam Fest and check it out for yourself while you can!