press start goty 2022

Press Start’s 2022 GOTY #7 – Sifu

Sifu, so good…

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Sifu is an exercise in attrition and demands a certain level of mastery to see all of its splendour. It very much borrows from the From Software school of hard knocks and absolutely blindsides the player time and again, although fortunately Sifu delivers combat and level design of such an admirable quality, the repeat visits are always welcome. 

On top of the game’s almost fighting game-like approach to combos and hand-to-hand battle, Sifu is uniquely forgiving compared to most games of its ilk in that it affords the player several “lives” through an age-out system before ultimately declaring a run over.

Absolver’s insistence to go back and support the game post launch with photo modes, easier difficulties to allow even more players to roll credits, and the upcoming arena mode should speak volumes of Sifu’s success for the small team. 

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In his review, Brodie scored Sifu a 9 out of 10 stating: Through neoteric ideas around what combat can be, many of which were conceived with Absolver, Sloclap has carried the classic beat ‘em up into the present with Sifu. It might be brutal and unforgiving, but it never feels cheap and it’s a pleasure to continually learn the complexities of kung fu while bathing in the world’s surplus of flair and ferocity. So push through and persevere, because there’s one hell of a game on offer here.”

press start goty 2022

As it stands on Metacritic, Sifu is currently sitting at an 81 based on 78 critic reviews.


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