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A New League Of Legends Game Was Accidentally Outed By The Korean Ratings Board

Sylas is golden?

If a since-deleted listing on the Korean Ratings Board is to be believed, League of Legends fans might have yet another spinoff “A LoL Story” game to look forward to alongside those that have already been announced.

Reportedly title “Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story,” it looks to be an action game of some description where players will take on the role of Sylas with the goal to “save” the kingdom of Demacia.

You can see screenshots and a rough translation of the listing thanks to Gematsu below:

Other, already-announced spinoff titles sitting under the A League of Legends Story umbrella include Ruined King, a turn-based RPG which released in 2021, Hextech Mayhem which is a rhythm/runner hybrid, the third-person adventure Song of Nunu, and an action platformer titled CONV/RGENCE.

These games all come via Riot Forge, a program that sees Riot Games partner with external studios to create original League of Legends spinoff games/content.