far cry multiplayer leak

Far Cry 7’s Potential Setting And Standalone Multiplayer Game Have Been Leaked

Is this the next Far Cry game? Alaska round.

Tom Henderson’s Insider Gaming has been delivering in spades recently, and shortly after revealing what is claimed to be the FY ’24 slate of game releases for Ubisoft, the website has now published a report on what will apparently be the next two Far Cry games.

Citing unnamed sources, who provided the website with both details and in-development screenshots, the website claims that Ubisoft is currently working on both Far Cry 7 as well as a standalone multiplayer game. If the source is to be taken as accurate, the games were once part of a combined project that has since shifted gears after the departure of creative director, Dan Hay.

IG says the mainline game is currently referred to as Project Blackbird with Ubisoft, while the multiplayer experience is known as Project Maverick. While details around Far Cry 7 are slim, Project Maverick’s multiplayer take on the series will reportedly feature extraction-based mechanics, permadeath and potentially some degree of survival gameplay with it being set in the Alaskan wilderness.

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Neither game will release before at least September 2025 according to IG’s sources, and it says it wasn’t at liberty to publicly release the screenshots of Project Maverick that were provided, but you can read the full report here to gain more understanding of the claims.

We gave the series’ most recent release, Far Cry 6, an 8.5/10 in our review, saying “Make no mistakes; Far Cry 6 is, without a doubt, the best Far Cry game in a long time.”