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Persona 5: Phantom Of The Night Is A Surprise New Mobile Entry

You never saw it coming!

In some surprise news, a new mobile game based on Persona 5 has been announced, as reported by Persona Central.

The game, titled Persona 5: Phantom Of The Night but otherwise known as P5X, is licensed and supported by SEGA and Atlus but in development at Chinese mobile game company, Perfect World Games. It’s set to recreate hybrid time management sim/RPG gameplay of the mainline Persona series with distinct day and night sections where players can attend classes, hang with other characters, play mini-games and summon powerful Personas to do battle against enemies.

P5X will star a new protagonist and cast of core characters, though it’ll also reportedly feature cameos from the Persona 5 cast that fans know and love. Senior Character Designer at the Atlus Art Team, Shigenori Soejima, is responsible for the designs of the new main character and their Persona.

A playtest is happening starting on March 29th, though it’s unclear if this will extend beyond players in China or if this game will be localised anywhere else at all.

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You can take a look at a couple of trailers for the game below:

About Persona 5: Phantom of the Night (via Google Translate from the official website)

“Persona 5: Phantom of the Night (abbreviation: P5X) is the “Persona 5″ (abbreviation: P5) IP authorized by SEGA, fully supervised and deeply participated by ATLUS, and created by Perfect World Games. The first mobile game in the series, this game unfolds the story based on the world and setting of Persona 5, on the basis of retaining the cool style of the original work, the new characters and plots bring a wonderful new experience! On the premise of faithfully inheriting the original dual-cycle core gameplay of the Japanese student experience + otherworldly adventure experience, this game carefully provides users with a new Persona 5-style turn-based combat and role-playing game experience.”