Every Gaming April Fools Gag Of 2023 We’ve Been Subjected To So Far

Get me out of here.

The beginning of April is always a fraught time to be a gamer on the internet. Each year nearly every side of the industry decides to have a crack at the April Fools Day “fun” with fake news, product launches that will never occur and cruel pranks galore.


While we figured the last 12 months has been enough of a joke already and abstained from the frivolities, here’s what others have deemed fit to put on the internet today:

EB Games Is Selling SALE Bum Bags And Slides

And, as usual, you can genuinely pre-order them for one day only.

The Murder Of Sonic The Hedgehog Is Out Now (And Very Real)

Yep, it’s a real Sonic the Hedgehog murder-mystery adventure game. You can get it on Steam here.

Among Us’ Crewmates Are All Horsemates For This Weekend Only

Among Us does a great job every year with their April Fools updates, this time bringing horses and ranchers into the game via the Classic or Hide N’ Seek game modes.

The Razer Razer Is The World’s First Shaving Mouse

I’m shocked they haven’t done this before? It’s armed with “1,337” ultra-sharp microblades and RGB, naturally.

Metroid Prime x Prime Hydration Drink

Our pals over at Vooks never disappoint, and this year they’ve gone the wordplay route with “Metroid Prime” which is, in my humble opinion, a great gag. Very topical.

Overwatch 2 Is Embracing Chaos In Arcade Mode

Googly eyes, ridiculous new voice lines and balancing changes designed to make games as chaotic as possible this weekend are all happening in Overwatch 2.

The HyperX Cloud20 Will Spray You With Water As You Play

I can absolutely get behind an effort to keep hardcore gamers from being the same dry, thirsty husks that they are online, in real life.

Marvel Snap Is Rocking Out

Is it the most useless card in the game? Or is it the best card ever created? Marvel Snap seems to think, at least for the sake of the gag, that it’s the latter. You can even throw real money at an in-game Rock avatar and title, if you feel like it.

Corsair Has Made Fidget Keys

Okay so, at first I hated this, but a couple of these would get a ton of use from me…

Tchia Has Introduced The Tchi-Rex

They can’t show us this and not add it into the game for real, right? C’mon, folks!

Limited Run Is Releasing Night Trap On The Game Boy Advance

And it’s real. No gameplay, but you can watch Night Trap from a real GBA cartridge on anything that’ll play one. Pre-orders are only open this weekend, though.

PowerWash Simulator Is Doing A Vampire Survivors Crossover

Not really, given the platforms listed are “Stadia” and “Ouya” but I would actually throw so much money at this. Give it the BAFTA.

Pokémon Has Gone Full Lechonk

Lechonk has absolutely taken over, with Lechonk apparel, special in-game rewards (including a Flying-Tera type Lechonk!) and a massive official website presence. You love to see it.

Baldurs Gate Players Can Cheese Everything

By playing as an actual wheel of cheese, that is. To be fair, a wheel of cheese is something that could genuinely defeat me.

I Can Finally Battle My Cats In Street Fighter 6

Capcom’s created the perfect PS5 controller for every cat owner, and yet another opponent for me to lose horribly against in fighting games.

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We’ll keep you posted/warned as we see more of these pop up over the weekend.