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Dead Island 2 Has Already Sold Over A Million Copies

Dead good.

All eyes have been on Dead Island 2 in the past week, given the game’s been burdened with the pressure of a near-10-year gap between announcement and release, changing hands no less than twice in that time before finally being taken from fresh start to completion by Deep Silver’s Dambuster Studios and launching last week on April 21st.

While reviews have run the gamut from “above average” to “bloody excellent” from critics, it seems the game has absolutely been a hit with players as Deep Silver Dambuster has announced that it’s already sold over a million copies in its first three days alone. It’s a pretty big achievement for a game that threatened to fall out of the conversation with its hugely protracted development period, and hopefully a sweet victory for the studio.

Some other interesting stats were also released alongside the sales announcement, including some detailed reporting on zombie death and dismemberment – arguably the cornerstone activities in the game:

  • 11 million total hours played
  • 28 million total number of player deaths (over twice the population of Los Angeles)
  • 45 million zombies sliced in half
  • 756 million zombie limbs hacked off
  • 1.1 billion total number of zombies slayed

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Dead Island 2 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The cheapest copy is Amazon where it’s available for $78 including free shipping.

In our own review, we said, “Despite its shortcomings, I still had fun with Dead Island 2. It should grow old quickly on paper, but even playing by myself, I never tired of destroying countless hordes of zombies in exciting and varied ways. It’s by no means a perfect sequel, but it does a great job of channelling the spirit of the original, regardless.”