humble games showcase 2023

All The Games And Announcements From The Humble Games Showcase

Some fantastic-looking titles!

The latest Humble Games Showcase has come and gone, and with it a showing of some fantastic-looking titles being brought to life by talented indie studios the world over, with assistance from Humble’s publishing efforts.

Celebrating its second year in a row of being included in Metacritic’s Top 10 game publishers, Humble is continuing its efforts to help deliver creative and innovative games, approaching its publishing efforts with an eye to empowering studios to create on their own terms and with tailored support, as well as its social impact as the company nears a lifetime $250million USD milestone for money raised for its charities. It’s also entering its fourth year of supporting Black game makers through the Black Game Developers Fund.

All that said, here’s all the exciting stuff that Humble showed off in its fantastic showcase:

Wizard of Legend II

The 2018 indie roguelike darling, Wizard of Legend, is getting a sequel. With the IP now owned by Humble Games, it’s called on Children of Morta developer, Dead Mage, to bring their expertise in delivering narrative-driven roguelikes and collaborate with the first game’s developer, Contingent99, on the new game. Wizard of Legend II will feature stylish 3D graphics and new online multiplayer gameplay as it expands on what players loved about the original.


Animation studio, Exit 73 Studios, is producing their very first video game, #BLUD. It’s an energetic, hand-drawn, Nickelodeon-esque action game with a blood-soaked edge that follows Becky Brewster as she juggles being a high schooler and vampire slayer. It looks rad as hell.

Protodroid DeLTA

The first game from the Black Developer Game Fund to be officially signed to Humble Games, Protodroid DeLTA is billed as a “3D love letter to Mega Man” and it’s launching very soon on May 26th. It definitely looks like it’ll deliver that fast-paced, challenging Mega Man feel within a slick-looking 3D world.

Developer Adam Kareem has also worked with Humble to produce a new armour pack for the game to be sold as DLC at launch, with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the Girls Make Games Scholarship Fund.

Breeze In The Clouds

The second game from the Black Developer Game Fund to be picked up for full publishing from Humble, Breeze in the Clouds is a 2D brawler adventure from developer SrBilyon Harris about a plucky corgi named Breeze who gets swept away from his home and into the weather world of Tropolis. It’s described as a free-flowing combo-based game, with a twist based Breeze’s ability to command the power of the weather, and it looks like a ton of fun.

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Stray Gods: A Roleplaying Musical

We’ve spoken about this game a lot in the past, and for good reason. Melbourne’s own Summerfall Studios has set itself the lofty goal of crafting a choice-driven narrative game that’s also a Broadway-style musical, marrying two unlikely genres through ingenuity, creativity and a stellar line-up of cast and creators.

Humble helped facilitate a great live event last month that saw some of the game’s cast (which includes the likes of Laura Bailey, Troy Baker Rahul Koli and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) as well as other talent such as the game’s composer, Austin Wintory, showcase the concept of the choose-your-own-musical-number-style production and announce the game’s release date of August 3rd, 2023.

Supraland Six Inches Under

After Humble worked with the studio at Supra Games to bring the original Supraland to consoles, it’s now helping them place the well-loved sequel, Supraland Six Inches Under to console platforms as well. Described as a first-person-metroidvania that blends the likes of Portal, Zelda and Metroid, it’s a tongue-in-cheek adventure that’s out now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One with a Switch release coming soon.

Bo: Path Of The Teal Lotus

Called a “delightfully demonic East Asia fever dream,” this debut title from Squid Shock Studios is a gorgeous-looking 2.5D action adventure that’s coming to PC next year. The game began life on Kickstarter and has since gained the backing of Humble, to bring what looks like an incredible mix of games like Ori and the Blind Forest and Hollow Knight with a Japanese folklore-inspired narrative to life.


Coming from Spanish studio, Digital Sun, Cataclismo is a moody-looking mix of RTS and castle building/customisation inspired in a dark medieval fantasy setting.

Lost Skies

Bossa Studios (Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread) is back with an open-world co-op adventure that looks less like its more recent stable of silly physics simulators and more like its now-discontinued MMO sandbox game, Worlds Adrift. Set in a fantasy world of airborne islands and sky ships, players take on the role of one of humanity’s last survivors to explore ruins, craft their own sky ship and banish a great threat to the world.