Capcom Is Asking Fans Which Resident Evil Game They Want Remade Next

Does Dino Crisis count?

With the widely-celebrated release of the excellent Resident Evil 4 remake behind us, it’s clear that Capcom has established a great formula for bringing its classic Resident Evil to new life with modern technology. It’s been (mostly) consistently successful in its “REmake” endeavours, so it only stands to reason that the company would want to keep that momentum going – and that fans would want more.

While we don’t know what the folks at Capcom have got cooking right now in that regard, when it comes to new Resident Evil entries or further remakes, a new survey asking players about their experience with the franchise across various forms of media and online portals has seemingly posed the question to fans of what Resident Evil games they’d be keen to see remade next.

Right at the tail end of the survey, which you can participate in here if you’d like to have your say, the second-to-last questions gives users free reign to let Capcom know “if there are any other Resident Evil games you want remade,” which is honestly a fairly loaded question.

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It’s obviously not a surefire sign that Capcom is thinking about its next remake effort, or that those answering the survey will have an real influence on future projects, but it shows that the company at least has some interest in what the general public wants to see next.

We gave this year’s remake of Resident Evil 4 a stunning 10/10 in our review, saying “Resident Evil 4 translates a game already revered into an absolute masterpiece. The tension is heightened and the combat is stronger than ever, all while still maintaining the corny dialogue and humour that the original game was known for. While there are a few minor aspects missing, Resident Evil 4 is a strong example of what any remake should be and is well worth your time.”

Now if Capcom could just start thinking about a Dino Crisis remake, eh?