All Of The Capcom Showcase 2023 Announcements

Capcom Is Only Getting Better With Age But Not Today

Capcom had a restrained showing this year, largely choosing to show more of games that we’d already seen at other showcases.

Right down to the trailers which were the same as the ones shown elsewhere.

I won’t lie, it was a very chill showcase with hardly anything of note, even for me, but there were still announcements made, I guess.

Here’s everything Capcom announced at their 2023 showcase.



They Clarified Platforms For Kunitsu-Gani: Path Of The Goddess And Showed The Same Trailer

It’s a unique blend of strategy and action inspired by a Japanese aesthetic. Capcom basically showed us the same trailer, but confirmed that it’s coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC. It’s launching on Game Pass too. This isn’t a path I’ll walk yet, but I’m keen to see more.

MegaMan X Dive Offline Is A Definitive Version Of A Megaman Mobile Game

It’s a MegaMan X based platformer that allows you to level up a bunch of characters, power up weapons and play as a bunch of characters. Over 100. Some you’ve never been able to play as before. It’s not really for me, and sounds like a dive if you’re asking me. It’s out in 2023 for iOS and Android and PC.

They Reminded Us That Street Fighter 6 Was Out Now

Street Fighter 6 Early Summer Vibes

Why did I wake up early for this? RIP. The first details about the Capcom Pro Tour 2023 was also announced with the largest prize pool ever, as well as the Fighters Pass details. Not a whole lot just yet. The first Fighting Pass starts today, though, and will let you unlock music and Blanka-chan stickers amongst other things.

Resident Evil 4 VR2 Mode Will Allow You To Play The Whole Storyline

While it’s a separate mode, it’s also a free DLC that’s exclusive to PlayStation VR2. It looks to use the sense controllers to parry as well as other features. You’ll be able to play through the entirety of the story when it launches. I’m going to use the power of VR to visit a world where this has been dated, because Capcom still hasn’t given us a release window for this.

We Got A Better Look At Pragmata, But It’s Been Delayed Again

The premise is that you’ll be playing as some kind of mech man while you’re escorting a young cyborg girl named Diana through a presumably post-apocalyptic wasteland. It’s been delayed out of 2023 for now, so while we did see a snippet of gameplay, it’s looking like it’ll take a while to come out – though rumours suggest it’s been rebooted internally since it’s initial reveal.

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The Ghost Trick Remaster Is Getting A Demo And It’s Out Today

From the creator of Ace Attorney and the director of Dino Crisis 2, it’s an adventure game with a gripping story originally released on the DS some years ago. You play as someone who is trying to solve their own murder. The port marks the first time the game has been available in high definition. It’s out on June 30th, and the demo lets you transfer your progress to the main game. This is worth your time, I promise.

Another Ace Attorney Trilogy Remaster Is On The Way

The collection includes Apollo Justice, Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice in the same remaster treatment as the other games have received. I love these games, so it’s nice to see them all playable in one place now. It’s out in Early 2024 for all major platforms, including Xbox One (where the original notoriously underperformed) and in seven languages. I might play it once in each language for the full effect. Maybe.

We Got Yet Another Exoprimal Story Trailer

Despite being an online-only, multiplayer-centric game, it’s nice that Capcom is putting effort into giving this ridiculous premise a storyline to follow. It’s still on track for release on July 14th 2023. It’s also launching on Game Pass. We were complaining on the podcast that so many games are three player co-op – but no worry – this game has TEN player co-op. Whew.

We Got A Better Idea Of How The Story Mode Works In Exoprimal Too

You’ll compete in matches that will eventually unlock more of the story and participate in unique boss battles. You’ll also be able to update your mech with components that improve its performance in story mode.

There’s Also A Second Open Beta For Exoprimal In Three Days

Exoprimal Open Beta Test 2

The open beta will include story missions as well as other multiplayer ones, and Capcom will continually be listening to feedback to make sure that Exoprimal is the best it can be. I believe them, though I’m not sure I’m still convinced.

The Show Closed With A Familiar Look At Dragon’s Dogma II And Confirmed Pawns Are Back

Capcom showed us the same trailer they showed off at the PlayStation Showcase last month. The game is a single-player adventure with AI-controlled Pawns helping to give the feeling of co-op.

You will have your own pawn you can create and share with other players and two other pawns you can borrow from other players. So you’ll essentially have a party of four.

The world is also said to be four times the size of the original Dragon’s Dogma.