A New Slenderman Game Announcement Is Being Teased

He's back.

It’s been a while since we saw anything from the once-iconic internet horror villain, but if a new tease from the official account for the most recent game featuring Slenderman is to be believed a new title might just be on the horizon.

The Twitter account for Slender: The Arrival, released back in 2013 as the last “major” Slenderman game, teased the impending arrival of something Slender-related with a creepy, 14-second video, and subsequently the official website for the game has also dropped a countdown timer which is set to end on July 28th (or 29th depending on timezones) with a link to the same video on YouTube.

Given that all of this is being shared through the Slender: The Arrival channels, it’s safe to assume what whatever is on the way – be it a new game, a remaster/remake or something else – is coming by way of the same folks at Blue Isle Studios.

After gaining viral, creepypasta status in the early 2010s, the Slenderman legend died out as studios across every kind of media rushed to produce Slender content, including a 2018 feature film from Sony Pictures that was a box office bomb and a critical failure. Much of the characters’ falling out of favour can be attributed to a non-fatal stabbing incident in Wisconsin in 2014 carried out by two 12-year-olds that shook the internet, which caused widespread moral panic over the Slenderman myth, first dreamed up by Eric Knudsen as an entry into an online Photoshop contest in 2009.