Here’s An Exclusive Magic: The Gathering Commander Masters Card Preview

Two exclusive cards!

The fine folks at Magic: The Gathering are gearing up to launch their next set, Commander Masters, a highly-collectible new set that brings back some fan-favourite cards with shiny new treatments, absolutely gorgeous new borderless Frame Break cards and four powerful new Commander decks stacked with unique and history-spanning cards. Commander is a wildly popular and incredibly fun format for the game, and this new set is an exciting celebration of it with some truly beautiful-looking cards to collect.

If this is all sounding as exciting as it should, you can head to the official page for Magic: The Gathering Commander Masters, and don’t forget to attend the Preview Event and Launch Party for Commander Masters at your nearest Premium WPN Store – you can find out more here.

Without further ado though, let’s take a look at the exclusive reveal of not one, but two of the cards in the brand-new Magic: The Gathering: Commander Masters set ahead of its launch on August 4th.

The first of our cards is Angelic Field Marshal, a rare, white Creature – Angel card with a 2{W}{W} mana cost and 3/3 power/toughness.

A reprint of a Commander 2014 card, Angelic Field Marshal has flying and a Lieutenant ability which gives Angelic Field Marshal +2/+2 as well as granting vigilance to all creatures in your control, as long as you control your commander.

The second card we have to reveal is Champion’s Helm, a rare Artifact – Equipment with a mana cost of 3 and an equip cost of 1 mana that gives the equipped creature +2/+2 and also adds hexproof if said creature is legendary.

Champion’s Helm is a 2011 Commander reprint that features the original art, but in our preview assets you can also see the gorgeous new borderless variant.

You can learn more about the rest of the new set on the official Magic the Gathering website here.

Amazon also has the four explosive Commander Masters pre-made decks available for pre-order now: