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Space Invaders: World Defense Is A New AR-Powered Game Developed By Google

It's "defence" but we'll let that slide.

Square Enix and TAITO have collaborated with none other than Google to produce a brand-new Space Invaders game in celebration of its 45th anniversary this year. And it’s something a little different.

Space Invaders: World Defense is a new AR-powered take on the formula established way back in 1978, blending the classic pixelated UFO action recognised by people who also remember the invention of the internet, with the real world.

Players earn points in Space Invaders: World Defense by blasting invading aliens lurking around every real corner in their surroundings, unlock power-ups, compete with other players in their area for high scores and more.

The game uses Google’s ARCore Geospatial API and Streetscape API which use real-world location, time and weather data combined with powerful computing models to generate believable gameplay spaces in AR. Models in the game can hide behind real objects, attach to buildings and even reflect the world around them.

It does mean that the game is only available for devices capable of using the ARCore API, which means Android 11 or above for those on Google’s own mobile platform, or minimum iOS 16.0 for iPhone users.

You can get Space Invaders: World Defense on the Google Play Store here or App Store for iPhone here.

“SPACE INVADERS have returned to conquer the world, this time from a different dimension. Join the World Defense team to find, and defeat SPACE INVADERS in your neighborhood.

“As a member of the elite pilot force, you’ll defend your area from invasion in a first-of-its-kind immersive game experience. Engage in missions across dimensions from Augmented Reality to the parallel Invader world. Success will earn you a spot on the High Scores as well as special bonuses and power ups.

“Celebrate 45 years of the original release of SPACE INVADERS, and explore the future of gaming by turning your world into a playground.

“SPACE INVADERS: World Defense game is powered by ARCore Geospatial APIs to transform your neighborhood into a world-scale playground. With Streetscape Geometry API, INVADERS spawn from nearby buildings and you become a pilot to defend your neighborhood against them.”