Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Has A Release Date And It’s Real Soon

Glad the wait is over, I couldn't Barret.

Following the end of the game’s limited Closed Beta Test, Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will launch on Android and iOS devices soon – less than a month from now, in fact.

Fans and first-timers eager to begin their journey through the entire timeline of Final Fantasy VII via the brand-new mobile experience will be able to do so as soon as September 7th. Pre-registrations for both Android and iOS are available now and can be found right here.

Along with revealing the date for the game’s wider launch, Square Enix also shared quite a bit of fairly interesting insight into the Closed Beta Test via survey results, revealing what early players thought of their time with the game.

You can read the publisher’s report in full right here, but some key takeaways include 87% of players giving the game an overall rating of four or five out of five stars, as well as 90% of participants saying they “want to play” or “definitely want to play” the game when it launches. Players praised the impressive visuals, atmosphere and music while the major criticisms revolved around the game’s free-to-play mechanics like stamina and enhancement materials as well as buttons and text that were too small.

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In response, Square Enix has already outlined a few of the steps it’ll be taking to improve the player experience based on this feedback, which include:

  • UI adjustments
  • Removal of the limit on stamina tonics
  • Removal of the maximum number of stamina boosts
  • Adjustment of the type and amount of materials required for various types of growth

CBT participants have also been promised a special weapon unlock in the full game in response to the better-than-expected response to the closed beta test, which is exclusive to the character Glenn and amusingly named the “5? Apology in Hell.”

Thank you for participating in the CBT. Development Team Gift(At time of release): Glenn-Exclusive Weapon 5? Apology in Hell x1