generation games 2024

Generation Games 2024 Is A New Sydney Gaming Expo From The Folks Behind Oz Comic-Con

Another new event for Aussie gamers!

Expertise Events, the group responsible for organising Oz-Comic Con, has announced a brand-new Australian gaming event coming to Sydney next year, dubbed Generation Games.

From April 20th to April 21st next year at the International Convention Centre Sydney in Darling Harbour, Generation Games 2024 promises to bring gamers of all kinds together under one roof to share in their passions for video games, tabletop, retro, eSports and more.

While the full line-up of activities and exhibitors is still yet to be revealed, it sounds like Generation Games is hoping to capture some of the PAX Aus experience in a format and location accessible to folks in NSW who may not be able to make the trek over to Melbourne for the PAX festivities.

Some of the features that Aussie gamers can expect to find when they attend Generation Games are:

  • Console & PC Freeplay Zones
  • Tabletop Library and Scheduled RPGs
  • The best locally developed Indie Games
  • Community and Esports Tournaments
  • Shopping from leading Exhibitors
  • Retro and Arcade Gaming
  • Arena Presentations & Community Meetups

Lenovo Legion has also been revealed as the Presenting Partner for the inaugural Generation Games 2024, underlining Lenovo Legion’s ongoing commitment to supporting the growth and development of the Aussie gaming industry and its diverse communities.

Eager attendees can head to the Generation Games 2024 website now to learn more about the event, what to expect, register for updates on activities and ticket sales and more. Find all of that right here.