Star Wars Jedi: Survivor And Fallen Order’s Director Is Leaving EA

Not Stigging around.

Stig Asmussen, the director behind Respawn Entertainment’s beloved Star Wars third-person action adventure titles, Jedi: Survivor and Jedi: Fallen Order, has announced his departure from both the studio and EA as a whole.

The news comes via Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, who also shared a statement from an EA spokesperson confirming Asmussen’s departure.

“After careful thought and consideration, Stig Asmussen has decided to leave Respawn to pursue other adventures, and we wish him the best of luck,” the statement reads. “Veteran Respawn leaders will be stepping up to guide the team as they continue their work on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.”

Asmussen had told IGN back in March this year that he’d always wanted to turn the Respawn Jedi games into a trilogy, so it’s unclear if his departure will change that or if Respawn’s newly-formatted leadership already has the gears turning on a third entry.

Asmussen is also known for his work on other high-profile AAA projects, like 2011’s Mortal Kombat and the early God of War games.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor recently got a long-awaited update on consoles with the aim of fixing up its less-than-stellar technical performance, removing ray-tracing in the high framerate visual mode and adding VRR support on PS5.

We gave Jedi: Survivor a 9/10 in our review, saying “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor sharpens combat and exploration to a fine point while delivering a story that goes all in on its characters and human drama. Some minor pacing issues can’t stop the game from achieving exciting new heights for the series, if you’re willing to let it take you there.”

Header Image: God of War Wiki