high on knife

High On Life’s Horror-Tinged High On Knife DLC Is Out Next Week

That's not a knife!

Good news for High On Life fans who’ve been waiting for the release of the much spookier, bloodier DLC expansion, High on Knife – it’s next week!

Launching on October 3rd on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC, the DLC adds an entirely new planet to explore with new guns to play with (and talk to), new characters to meet, more gore than ever and of course new enemies and bosses to murder.

“High On Knife gives Knifey his chance to shine (and stab) on a fully realized new planetary environment loaded with all-new characters, hazards, and spooky surprises,” the studio said in a press release.

“The all-new teaser shows off High On Knife’s Knifey-themed action, which includes a spooky new planet to explore, gross-ass body horror, and even more cool jokes. You like celebrities? Gabourey Sidibe plays the boss, Mux! And Sarah Sherman is the voice of a new gun, Harper! Heck, even head writer Alec Robbins makes some sounds for a gun, and he’s a celebrity in our eyes.”

You can watch the new teaser trailer for High On Knife below:

High On Life had a surprise PlayStation release a couple of months ago, and was the biggest game lauch on Xbox Game Pass in 2022.

In our original review of High On Life, we scored the game a 7.5/10 and said, “High On Life is the most video game-like video game to come from the minds of Squanch and Justin Roiland to date, and it shows the studio is capable of more than just lightly-interactive experiences packed with fart and cum jokes. Though it has plenty of those, too.”