The Melbourne-Made “Psychedelic Word Game” Gubbins Is Out Now For Android In Australia And New Zealand

Get it in me.

Update: Australia and New Zealand fans are in for a treat, with Studio Folly’s Gubbins having finally arrived on Android devices for the first time, exclusively for players in the region, along with a huge update for the game dropping for the early Apple App Store release of the game.

The new update brings with it some incredibly welcome features like an undo (yes!) along with reworked scoring, achievements, much-requested monetisation* and more.

It does mean that, now the game is done with its early access period, it’s longer a free-for-all and keen Gubbiners will be limited to the number of times they can play per day, unless they pay $9.99 for the Infinite Play feature. Still, the amount of unbridled** entertainment you’re getting for the price of a handful of fundraiser choccies is well worth it***.

You can find Gubbins on the Google Play Store here and the App Store here.

*I requested it, sorry.

**Some of the entertainment may be bridled.

***If your kid comes home from school with a fundraiser box of Freddos please don’t ditch them in favour of Gubbins Infinite Play.

Original Story: Gubbins, the gorgeous and “psychedelic trip of a word game” from Melbourne’s own Studio Folly, soft-launched on iOS devices in Australia back in March and has been quietly blowing up since with its obnoxiously-charming and silly take on a Scrabble-like word game, and now it’s finally set to launch in full for both iOS and Android users on November 14th.

You can check out the initial reveal trailer for the game, created by the (soon-to-be) husband and wife duo of Jessica Shipard and Darcy Smith, below:

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Even more excitingly, the game’s caught the attention of New York Times best-selling author and Known Internet Man, Hank Green, so much so he reached out to Studio Folly and initiated a partnership where he’ll buy and donate 10% of the game’s revenue to a non-profit charity focused on reducing maternal and child mortality in Sierra Leone. You can see an announcement revealing the news in a TikTok below:


I’m so excited!! You can see more game footage and get Gubbins updates here: @Gubbins by Studio Folly

? original sound – Hank Green


Gubbins is a friendly puzzle game where you place tiles to construct words, with the help and hindrance from weird little pals called Gubbins. Minimalist typography and mischievous cartoons with unlockable abilities bring a psychedelic roguelike element to the word game world. It’s essentially Solitaire meets sentient Scrabble with hilarious friends wreaking havoc.

Find, collect, and master 25 mischievous little Gubbin pals who can help (or hinder) as you build juicy words out of letter tiles. Strive for a high score with the words you want to make, rather than merely detecting them. Share your worst / best finds in funky collages with friends via postcards using the words you have created! 

Gubbins is the debut title for Studio Folly, and has seen investments from Witch Beam (of Unpacking fame), VicScreen, Screen Australia and most recently Hank Green (famous internet science guy, founder of VidCon, one half of Vlogbrothers). Thanks to Hank’s support we’ll be contributing 10% of Gubbins revenue to charity.

Game Features:

  • Craft impressive (or rude) words from letter tiles!

  • Little pals called Gubbins can help (or mess you up)

  • Make sweet or saucy postcards for your mates

  • Get a high score and unlock achievos

  • Statistically improbable for any game to ever be the same – with new daily level, well… daily!