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Capcom Says It Has At Least One Major Unannounced Game Launching Before March 2024

What could it be?

It sounds like Capcom has at least one unannounced new title coming before the end of its FY23 (or, the end of March next year) that it’s banking on being big enough to carry it through to a sales goal of 45 million units in the fiscal year. Given that it’s only achieved around half this so far and off the back of the hugely-successful Street Fighter 6 as well as ongoing Resident Evil 4 sales, that’s a pretty significant expectation for the next five-or-so months, so if Capcom does indeed have a yet-to-be-revealed game cooking for release in that time, it must be a big one.

Here are the two statements in question (translated from Japanese) from Capcom’s Q2 (July–September 2023) investor report, that look to confirm as much:

Q: How do you plan to achieve the sales goal for new titles for this financial year?

A: In the second half of this FY, we plan to release Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy in January in addition to a currently unannounced major title. Moreover, we plan to boost the sales figures of new titles of the first half of this FY, like Street Fighter 6, to achieve the target.

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Q: How do you think of the sales goal of 45 million copies of console titles? Taking into account the first half of this FY, wouldn’t it be difficult to achieve it?

A: We are planning a major title in the second half of this FY. Additionally, we originally planned to achieve the goal mainly by focusing on sale events in the second half of this FY to boost the sales figures of our catalogue titles.

Capcom plans to release a major title in the second half of this FY ending March 2024
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Capcom still has some projects in the works that we do know about and are on the way that could help contribute to this number should they launch in the specified period, like Dragon’s Dogma, Pragmat or Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess, but there are obviously some massive franchises that could achieve the kinds of numbers its talking about. Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry and, I don’t know, Dino Crisis come to mind.