Devolver Digital Roped Portal’s GLaDOS Into Playing The Talos Principle 2

You monsters.

Croteam’s sequel to the excellent first-person existential puzzler, The Talos Principle, launched last week and Devolver Digital, in classic Devolver fashion, has put out some incredible promo for the game.

In a new trailer that popped up over the weekend, which you can watch below, GLaDOS (played by voice actor Ellen McLain as always) describes The Talos Principle 2 as a “first-person puzzle video game to test the cognitive abilities of humans,” which definitely isn’t untrue. GLaDOS also comments on the game’s “extraneous” environments, abundance of cats and copyright-infringing portals.

It’s well worth a watch and will only take up two minutes of your time:

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We gave the game a glowing 9/10 in our review, saying “The Talos Principle 2’s expertly designed puzzles are kept interesting and engaging throughout a lengthy thirty-hour runtime by the incremental introduction of consistently intriguing mechanics. Pairing well with pragmatic problem solving is a story that delves into ancient Greek philosophy and mythology that effectively asks unimaginably important questions that can’t possibly be answered. It’s common to find an experience that makes you feel, and equally common to find one that makes you think, but The Talos Principle II is a rare cross-section that allows you to do both simultaneously.”

The Talos Principle 2 is available right now on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.