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The Crush House Is A New Reality TV-Inspired Oddity From Devolver Digital And The Studio Behind Card Shark

Virtual reality.

What at first appeared to be a classically-Devolver Digital April Fool’s bit, where the company posted a very “games industry figure with bad news” text box announcing it was setting out to conquer the world of reality television, has now proven itself to be at least partially real with the reveal of The Crush House – a brand-new game from developer Nerial (Reigns, Card Shark) that’s coming to PC later this year.

Leaving no doubts about its inspirations, The Crush House is set to capture the drama and the magic of reality TV while putting players behind the scenes and the camera to produce 1999’s hottest and totally-not-at-all-sinister season of trashy TV. You’ll need to choose a dynamic cast that works well together, capture the best moments, please a diverse range of audiences and manage ad placements to keep the money coming in and production values going up.

It looks charming, cheeky, gleefully queer and, as you’ll no doubt spot by the end of the debut Reveal Trailer below, there’s a little more to all of it than meets the eye. Take a look:

About the game

The year is 1999, and the hottest reality show on TV, The Crush House, has just hired a new producer: you!

Play as Jae, who has scored the gig of her dreams. But the demands are high and the stakes are even higher! She must cast, film, and produce each season of The Crush House, capturing all the drama, fighting, tension, and romance in the show’s iconic Malibu mansion.

But remember: no matter what, the demands of your audience must be met. If not, you run the risk of cancellation.

The Crush House is developed by Nerial (Reigns, Card Shark) and published by Devolver Digital, and will be released on PC later this year.

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