The Game Awards Is Now Inside Fortnite

Vote on creator-made maps!

The Game Awards has arrived… in Fortnite! The annual end-of-year celebration of the best of the best video game releases is now occupying its very own world within Epic’s mammoth online platform, and fans are invited to jump in and vote for this year’s Best Fortnite Island.

The Game Awards Vote in Fortnite is a hub world that players can use to explore and visit the ten creator-made islands that are up for the Best Fortnite Island Award in 2023, and then vote for their favourite right from the game, with the winner announced during The Game Awards 2023, which will kick off on December 8th (AEDT) at the Peacock Theatre in Los Angeles as well as streamed around the world at 11:30am – 3:00pm (AEDT).

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It’s not solely voting for the different islands either, players can explore the Game Awards map itself and collect the iconic statuettes, with an in-game XP boost awaiting those that take the time to find them all. You can find the island from the game’s menus or by entering the island code: 0853-1358-8532.

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“Ever since I hosted Live From Risky Reels in Fortnite in 2019, I’ve been thinking about ways The Game Awards could bring our celebration inside the games we play every day,” says Keighley in a post on The Game Awards website. “Our Fortnite island is the first experiment in this direction, and I’m particularly excited to help shine the spotlight on the amazing user-generated community around the world.”

And, of course, as you can see in the below trailer the team also took the time to imagine Keighley in the Fortnite world for the video promoting this new venture. Perhaps we’ll see another Geoff skin in the near future? Take a look: