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The NieR Franchise Will Continue “While Yoko Taro Is Alive”

But don't expect a new game any time soon.

Those holding out hope for more games in the NieR universe can breathe easy knowing that the team behind them, and especially the director and enigmatic industry figure, Yoko Taro, definitely plan on continuing to create more in the future.

Series producers, Yosuke Saito, said as much during a recent interview with Japanese outlet, 4Gamer.net, which was then shared as a translation by popular X account Genki. According to Saito-san, he and Yoko Taro are currently working together on a completely separate project though, meaning it’ll be a while before we see anything new from the NieR franchise.

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Genki’s post reads, “NieR series Producer Yosuke Saito said that while Yoko Taro is still alive they will release a new entry in the NieR series!

“But it won’t be soon as he & Yoko Taro are working on a project seperate from the NieR series that they hope to talk about next year!”

Although it was later clarified that the original comment from the producer was more accurately parsed as “while Yoko Taro is alive,” and not the more ominous “still alive” version originally shared:

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The most recent thing to come out of the NieR franchise was the 2022 anime adaptation of NieR Automata, along with the Switch port of the same game, which also dropped late last year and we scored an 8.5, saying “Auteur designer Yoko Taro successfully blends his oddball knack for storytelling, defying typical video game conventions in doing so. This leads to an unforgettable story, but how it’s told and demands repeat playthroughs is bound to be lost on some part of NieR: Automata’s audience. Regardless, NieR: Automata blends intense action and RPG components into an atmosphere and game that’s well worth experiencing, even on the Nintendo Switch.”