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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Has A Release Date For PC


Update: Square Enix has finally revealed the release date for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis on PC, with the game coming to Steam very soon on December 7th.

You can wishlist it right here.

New players will also get an assortment of bonus items, and you can learn more about the free-to-play take on the universe of Final Fantasy VII here.

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Original Story: Great news for Final Fantasy VII fans who’ve wanted to get into Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, the new mobile RPG that retells the events of the Final Fantasy VII timeline, but aren’t especially partial to playing games on a phone or tablet – Square Enix has announced via a post on X that it’s now working on a PC port of the game, which will release on Steam at some point in the future.

Through (machine) translation, the post reads, “Steam version under development!

We are actively developing a Steam version so that you can enjoy Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis on PC! You can also share the data you play on the mobile version with the Steam version, so stay tuned for more information!”

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis launched very recently to decent success on both Android and iOS devices, capturing millions of players and already teasing big things ahead.

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Ever Crisis is a free-to-play title that’s set to receive regular updates introducing new scenarios based on the universe of Final Fantasy VII. At launch it features the beginnings of stories from Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, with each set to expand as new updates arrive every month.

That still leaves room for some other stories from various games and media on the table to be added down the track like Dirge of Cerberus and Advent Children, so hopefully the game manages enough popularity to supported for the long haul, unlike 2021’s ill-fated F2P battle royale, The First Soldier.