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Taskmaster Is Getting Its Own VR Game And I’m Going To Be So Silly

All in the information is in the headset.

Fans of the UK (and now global) comedy phenomenon, Taskmaster, or just anyone whose TikTok For You Page occasionally becomes an endless feed of clips from the show, it’s finally your time to stare down Greg Davies and Alex Horne and show them that you’ve got what it takes – Taskmaster VR is a real thing that’s really happening, and it’s launching next year for Meta Quest and PC VR.

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Just like the Taskmaster show, you’ll be put into a variety of oddball situations and given specific tasks to complete using any of the means at your disposal, before ultimately facing judgement by Davies in front of a studio audience.

Unlike the show, the VR version of Taskmaster definitely looks to lean more into skill-based or physics puzzle activities that suit the video game format, over the more comedy-rich and mind bending logic of what the show does best, but it still looks like a hoot. You can throw shit at Alex Horne’s head, too, so that’s a huge tick right there.

Take a look at the reveal trailer for Taskmaster VR:

“Submit to the judgement of The Taskmaster in glorious virtual reality! The hit TV show comes to VR and YOU are the contestant. Step into the world of Taskmaster, endeavour to complete a menagerie of challenging and extraordinary tasks and get creative in how you solve them.”

You can wishlist Taskmaster VR right now on Steam right now with a page on the Meta Store coming soon.