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No Man’s Sky Is Re-Running All Of This Year’s Expeditions Over December

It's your last chance!

Good news for time-starved or lapsed No Man’s Sky fans who’ve missed out on any of the game’s time-limited Expeditions in 2023, with developer Hello Games keeping in tradition and re-running everything from the year past across a series of dates in December and January, meaning you’ve got a chance to check out the adventures and earn those exclusive rewards.

For anyone unfamiliar, Expeditions in No Man’s Sky are standalone quests that drop players in fresh saves with remixed and/or specially-crafted scenarios that they can play alone or with mates for special rewards to bring back to their main saves.

The four Expeditions coming back (including Cartographers from 2021!), along with their available dates are:

Utopia (8th Dec – 15th Dec)

Work together with other Travellers to rebuild an abandoned solar system for the mysterious Utopia Foundation. Utopia welcomes all contributors to our ambitious new communal habitation project.

Singularity (15th Dec – 22nd Dec)

Begin to unveil the history and origin of the harmonic camps in this precursor to Echoes. A mystery that touches upon artificial intelligence, the will to exist, and the very nature of what it means to be alive.

Cartographers (22nd Dec – 29th Dec)

Awaken stranded on the fiery planet of Coul Major, and deeply explore its surface as you work to repair your bespoke starship.

Voyagers (29th Dec – 8th Jan)

A relaxing journey of exploration, encouraging Travellers to seek out remarkable worlds, reach planetary summits and oceanbeds, and catalogue your findings.

A fresh new update for the game has also dropped which brings with it some gameplay improvements and bug fixes along with a left-handed mode for the VR iteration of the game and performance improvements on Nintendo Switch. You can read more about the Expedition reruns and update on the No Man’s Sky blog here.

Hello Games also dropped a huge announcement last week, revealing the studio’s next ambitious title, Light No Fire. Like No Man’s Sky, it’ll be a sprawling simulation of an unfathomably-huge game space – only this time it’ll all take place entirely on one, seamless planet. Check out the announcement here.