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It Looks Like Hideo Kojima Left A Silent Hill Reference In His OD Announcement

Don't toy with me like this.

Look, it wouldn’t be a Kojima trailer without some kind of bizarre hidden messaging, right? And this time around, eager and eagle-eyed fans of the fabled creator have spotted what they believe to be references to the Silent Hill franchise tucked away in the trailer for OD – the cross-media project and Jordan Peele collaboration that got its official reveal at last week’s The Game Awards.

One of the earlier and admittedly more loose potential “references” to the Konami horror franchise that folks spotted was, naturally, the very familiar door that Kojima walked through onto the awards stage, which is a pretty close match for the infamous door in P.T. – the playable teaser for the cancelled Silent Hills project that Kojima was once working on.

Diving a little deeper though, and internet sleuths like Central Xbox have discovered an actual nod in a coded message within the OD trailer.

During the one-minute-40 teaser of the project, which sees very convincing Metahuman representations of the likes of Sophia Lillis, Hunter Schafer, and Udo Kier reciting a well-known phonetic pangram, which is probably a clue in itself to what OD is about. More interesting though is a series of five letters that flash up over the course, cleverly hidden where Death Stranding fans would naturally be looking – in an old man’s mouth.

The letters (which we checked and really do appear in the original YouTube upload of the trailer) spell out “ATAMI,” which the account pointed out is a city in Shizuoka, Japan, but also can have its kanji representation separated out from “??” to “?” meaning quiet/silent and “?” meaning hill. So, for whatever reason, it looks like Kojima is dropping some very intentional hints about Silent Hill in the promotion for a completely different game:

Only time will tell what this means, if anything at all. For now, you can watch the full reveal trailer for Kojima’s OD again just below: