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Xbox ANZ Is Giving Away A Huge $10K In PC Game Pass And Peripheral Prizes This Week

Get around it!

Xbox ANZ isn’t done with the giveaways just yet, and have now announced a partnership with some of Australia’s top streaming talent to give viewers the chance to see some of the great games that PC Game Pass has to offer being played by their favourite creators and dole out a huge $10K total prize pool’s worth of cool shit.

All throughout this week, you’ll be able to catch the likes of AlsoMij, AussieAntics, Bajo, Develique, Jenz, Luminumn, and Nicktacula getting in on the PC Game Pass action, offering up PC Game Pass codes to fans who tune in and win their respective giveaways. Viewers will also have the shot to win a collection of PC gaming peripherals to complement their new library of games, including a range of gaming keyboards, mice and headsets.

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Take a look at the stream schedule below and make sure you’re checking them all out to have your chance at winning some prizes!

Xbox ANZ PC Game Pass Giveaway Stream Schedule

  • Develique: Monday, December 18th, 7 PM AEDT
  • Luminumn: Tuesday, December 19th, 4 PM AEDT
  • AlsoMij: Tuesday, December 19th, 6 PM AEDT
  • Jenz: Wednesday, December 20th, 5:30 PM AEDT
  • Nicktacula: Wednesday, December 20th, 8:30 PM AEDT
  • Bajo: Thursday, December 21st, 6 PM AEDT
  • AussieAntics: Friday, December 22nd, 5 PM AEDT