Smite 2 Has Been Announced And You Can Sign Up For Alpha Testing Now

Get smote!

At the 2024 Smite World Championship, Titan Forge Games officially lifted the lid on Smite 2, a full-fledged sequel to 2014’s still-popular third-person MOBA that is being built from scratch on Unreal Engine 5 to offer an entirely fresh and modern experience.

Titan Forge says its ambitions for Smite 2 are for the game to have “more godlike impact, strategy, and player creativity than ever before” with some new features coming to the game including an overhaul of the build system, item changes, new UI, new matchmaking and more interactive and strategic maps. Over on the PlayStation Blog some of the visual and PS5-specific changes were also detailed:

  • Players will now feel the impact of combat through tweaks to camera movements and ability animations
  • Each ability has been rebuilt with stunning visual FX, whether basic attacks or mind-blowing ultimates
  • A huge modernisation of both the tech and look of the UI to improve combat readability
  • Updated character animations allow for more natural-appearing body movements, without impacting the snappiness of combat
  • The addition of haptic feedback for the DualSense controller to further enhance the feeling of immersion

When it comes to the Gods themselves, there naturally won’t be the 10-years worth of roster from Smite 1 available at launch, but Titan Forge says it hopes to eventually have them all included. Five brand-new Gods are also coming to the game starting with the Greek goddess Hecate.

For legacy players, while the entire history of God skins won’t make the transition to Smite 2 but a selection will, and a Legacy system will carry across gems and accomplishments in some capacity to honour the time and dedication of existing players – but the new game won’t be going anywhere for players who don’t want to switch over to Smite 2.

If you’re keen to get in on the Smite 2 action as soon as possible, you can sign up for an upcoming alpha playtest later this year via the official Smite 2 website right here.