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Immortality Creator Sam Barlow Has Quietly Dropped Teasers For Two New Horror Games

Horror Story.

To coincide with the fresh release of the critically-acclaimed Immortality on PS5, developer Sam Barlow and his studio Half Mermaid have revealed not one but two new games through a pair of very cryptic and quietly-dropped trailers that should have fans of the creator incredibly excited.

The first is codenamed Project C, which Barlow says is a sci-fi/horror game that will feel familiar to those who played Immortality, though it’ll supposedly take that existing tech/concept in an interesting direction. “It might be, like, the chunkiest mechanic we’ve come up with within this kind of non-linear space. It’s a cool little puzzle box,” he told Kinda Funny Games.

You can find the teaser trailer for Project C below and a Steam page here.

Next up is, appropriately, codename Project D. Barlow describes this one as being for fans of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, the often under-appreciated Wii/PS2 entry in Konami’s franchise that the Immortality creator worked on as writer and designer.

That means we can expect a third-person survival horror experience, but with the innovations that Sam and the Half Mermaid team have come to be known for. “This is a third-person survival horror game but, like, take that and then imagine what happens if the Immortality team fuses with a third-person survival horror game.”

You can find the teaser trailer for Project D below and a Steam page here.

We gave Immortality a 9.5/10 in our review, saying “Immortality ambitiously succeeds at evolving the formats introduced in Her Story and Telling Lies to offer some of Sam Barlow’s best work yet and one of gaming’s most well-justified open-world experiences. Bolstered by some fantastic performances and a compelling mystery to uncover, it’s engrossing and engaging from beginning to end. While it might assume some prior knowledge in telling its underlying story, Immortality is an experience that’s not to be missed and one that I’ll never stop thinking about. It is truly fantastic and well worth your time.”