Suicide Squad

Rocksteady Is Giving Suicide Squad Deluxe Edition Players Free In-Game Currency To Make Up For Downtime

Courtesy of LuthorCorp.

Update 31/01: After a bout of post-launch downtime that lasted around six hours very soon after the early access launch of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, in order to squash a surprise progression bug, Rocksteady has extended an olive branch to Deluxe Edition players in the form of some in-game currency.

A message from the studio that’s begun to appear in-game for those who own the more expensive edition of Suicide Squad reportedly reads:

“Thank you for being one of our first console players during early access of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. We recognise that you’ve been patient with us during our initial launch server updates and we’d like to show our appreciation for your patience with a special gift of 2000 LuthorCoins. Thank you again!”

Looking at the PlayStation Store, 2000 LuthorCoins is roughly worth just shy of $30, which isn’t quite the difference between the Standard edition of the game and the Deluxe version that folks paid for to get early access, but hopefully helps soothe the burn that the most devout fans might have felt trying to play the game at the jump.

Original Story 30/01: Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be made widely available this Friday, February 2nd, but for those punters willing to pay up to $164.95 to get early access to the game and start playing early the gates were meant to have opened overnight at 12AM local time on January 30th.

That did go ahead as planned for folks in applicable time zones, however the game was taken offline not long after due to a bug which caused players’ games to automatically complete as soon as they logged in for the first time. Upon booting it up and signing on, players were finding that their game’s progress would be marked as fully completed.

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While fairly amusing to think about, it’s obviously a big problem for both Rocksteady and players with the game being taken offline while the studio looked for the issue, meaning those who paid extra to get in early have been left high and dry. At the time of writing, Rocksteady has not formally announced an end to the game’s maintenance but some players seem to be able to log in and play again.

The original tweet announcing the situation reads:

“We’re aware that a number of players are currently experiencing an issue whereby upon logging into the game for the first time, they have full story completion. To resolve this issue, we will be performing maintenance on the game servers. During this time the game will be unavailable. We expect this to take several hours and will update once we have more information. We apologise for the inconvenience.”

In the hours since, an update from the team has revealed that the source of the issue has been found and a fix is being worked on to get the game back online for those who forked out extra to get early access. It reads:

“We have identified the problem that was affecting player profiles and are currently testing a fix. We hope to implement it and have the game back online as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.”