Warner Bros. Is Wild To Double Down On Live Service Games – The Press Start Podcast

The team talks trials, toys and terrible business decisions.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League fell well short of expectations but WB is still committed to live service and mobile games. Are they crazy to double down? Or is there some truth that it’s the best way to generate consistent return in games?

Toys For Bob is also going independent, The Outlast Trials review is out, we’ve got a new trailer for Dune: Awakening and James has previewed Dragon’s Dogma 2. We discuss all this and more!

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You can also watch the video version of the podcast below:

00:00 – Intro
00:33 – Toys For Bob Goes Independent
08:17 – WB Games Doubles Down On Live Service Games
22:58 – The Outlast Trials Review
29:02 – Dune: Awakening Trailer
33:50 – Dragon’s Dogma 2 Preview
40:45 – Which Character Should Come to Suicide Squad Next?
41:51 – What The Wiki?!
46:42 – Outro