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Monster Hunter Stories Is Getting A Remaster For Consoles And PC


Update: With the announcement of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin coming to PS4 on June 14th, that also confirms the release date for this remaster of Monster Hunter Stories with Capcom revealing the two are launching at the same time, at least on PlayStation.

One of the surprise announcements during the Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase that dropped overnight was the reveal of a modern remaster of the 3DS’ original Monster Hunter Stories coming to the Switch later this year.

It’s since been revealed that the remaster is also headed to PS4 and PC when it arrives at some point in “Winter,” making it the first time PlayStation or PC players will have access to the game. This new version of Monster Hunter Stories will feature HD visuals with improved modeling, textures, and lighting, full voice acting for the first time, an in-game museum and content previously only available in the Japanese version of the game on 3DS.

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“Embark on a journey into a colorful world where mighty monsters roam and people make a living by hunting them,” the announcement reads. “Nestled within this land lies a hidden village where the locals follow a different set of customs. Here, Monster Riders form bonds with Monsties instead of hunting them. Unlike Hunters, Riders forge bonds and harness the power of kinships stones, allowing them to explore the vast and exhilarating realm together. Fight together in thrilling battles, hatch Monstie eggs, and customize your companion to suit your style.”

Check out the Announcement Trailer for Monster Hunter Stories below: