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Warner Bros. Says That Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Has Fallen Short Of Expectations

How long before they Kill the Servers?

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has, by Warner Bros. own admission, not met the company’s expectations since launching just under a month ago.

During a financial call to investors looking at its full FY 2023 results, Warner Bros. Discovery’s chief financial officer, Gunnar Wiedenfels, spoke briefly to Q1 2024 said that the game had fallen short of the company’s expectations and will make for a tough quarter for results with the release chasing the hugely-successful Hogwarts Legacy in the same spot last year.

“We are lapping the release of Hogwarts Legacy in February last year, which saw the largest portion of its very positive financial impact in the first quarter,” Wiedenfels said (via Seeking Alpha). “This year, Suicide Squad, one of our key video game releases in 2024, has fallen short of our expectations since its release earlier in the quarter, setting our games business up for a tough year-over-year comp in Q1.”

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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has had a rough time since launch with middling reviews and low player counts dulling its impact considerably after a protracted development period at the well-respected Rocksteady Studios. It’s a story that calls to mind Square Enix’ ill-fated Marvel’s Avengers game which similarly was a live-service cooperative superhero title that didn’t hit the mark with players and was eventually shut down after two-and-a-half years.

We scored the game a 5.5 in our review, with James saying, “Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is a serviceable action game bogged down by an insistence on being a live service title. While the characters are well written and the comedy is on point, a handful of repetitive objective types betray the intentions of an otherwise strong combat system. There is potential here – perhaps over time, Suicide Squad can evolve into something better – but for now, it’s something that only absolute diehards will enjoy, and even then, that’s not a guarantee.”