SYNDUALITY Echo of Ada Is Getting A Closed Beta Test Later This Month

At least they didn't call it a CNT this time.

Shown off during a 2022 PlayStation State of Play and subsequently delayed out of its initial 2023 release target, SYNDUALITY Echo of Ada is still on the way and now Bandai Namco has revealed that a Closed Beta Test for the game is kicking off at the tail end of this month.

Running from March 28th until April 1st, the SYNDUALITY Echo of Ada Closed Beta Test will let players pick their “Magus” AI companion and their mech (called a CRADLECOFFIN in this game for whatever reason) and play a selection of missions to get a taste of the game’s PvPvE extraction shooter action.

Bandai Namco says the Closed Beta Test will also give players a peek into the customisation and crafting options with their Magus and CRADLECOFFIN ahead of diving into the full game. You can find out more about SYNDUALITY Echo of Ada and sign up for a shot at the Closed Beta Test right here.

You can see an announcement trailer for the Closed Beta Test below, just be warned that it’s… intense?

SURVIVE THE SURFACE – Rise from the underground to a surface world infested with hostile Enders, toxic rains, and enemy players as you fight for resources.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR MAGUS – Your A.I. partner is always with you. Customize their appearance, heed their advice on missions, and unleash their powerful abilities.

UPGRADE YOUR CRADLECOFFIN – The CRADLECOFFIN is an all-weather bipod developed for combat in harsh terrain. Choose your loadout from a vast array of parts and ordinance to defend yourself from monsters and other players.