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Frostpunk 2 Has Finally Secured A Release Date On PC


Coinciding with its feature in this morning’s Xbox Partner Preview showcase, 11bit Studios has finally revealed the release date for its hugely-anticipated strategy sequel, Frostpunk 2, which will officially be launching on PC on July 26th, 2024, with consoles to follow at a later date.

It was also revealed that Frostpunk 2 will be coming to PC Game Pass on day one, and that a week-long Sandbox Mode beta will be coming in April that’ll be available to those who pre-purchase the game.

Frostpunk 2 is set some 30 years after the apocalyptic events of the original game, with Earth still under the thumb of a harsh, frozen climate. Once again players will lead their city in this inhospitable environment and make impossibly-tough decisions that could see parts of society prosper while others succumb to the chill. In the sequel, players will be able to create entire districts with different purposes, and will find themselves managing their citizens and emerging society just as much as they’ll be attempting to keep everyone safe against the storms.

“Frostpunk 2 is still a game about the City and its society,” Jakub Stokalski, co-director and design director at 11 bit studios writes in the game’s official Steam page.

“But inner turmoils, sparked by rising social differences, mean that players will be facing new kinds of threats. We use a post-apocalyptic setup to tell a meaningful story about human ambition. Because ultimately, what can end us is not nature itself – it’s human nature.”

There will also be a “Digital Deluxe” edition of the game which is available to pre-purchase now and will include the following:
  • Base game
  • Seven-day beta access to part of the Sandbox mode in April
  • Three paid post-release DLCs
  • Exclusive access to the story mode 72 hours before the official release
  • “Warm Flesh” digital novella, an enticing excerpt from the upcoming Frostpunk book anthology
  • Digital artbook & soundtrack

Check out the Date Reveal Trailer for Frostpunk 2 below: