nobody wants to die

Nobody Wants To Die Is A New Sci-Fi Detective Adventure That Looks Like Bioshock Meets Cyberpunk

Speak for yourself.

Polish studio Critical Hit Games and publisher PLAION have revealed an ambitious new AAA project, titled Nobody Wants To Die.

Coming at some point in 2024 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC, Nobody Wants To Die is being billed as a “noir adventure” that’s set in an alternate, future version of New York in the year 2329. It deals in things typical of the cyberpunk genre like transhumanism and corporate overreach, and seemingly also packs in some Bioshock-esque Decopunk vibes for good measure.

Running on Unreal Engine 5, it’s also quite the looker if early screenshots are anything to go by. There’s a trailer as well, though it’s purely cinematic in nature. You can watch it just below:

And here’s a bit more about the game according to its official descriptions:

• Welcome to New York 2329 – Experience a noir adventure in an alternate future of New York City in 2329; technology has advanced to offer humans eternal life, allowing consciousness to be stored in memory banks or transferred from one body to another. That is, if you can afford the subscription.

• Lead the Investigation – See through the eyes of Mortality Department Detective James Karra on his hunt for a serial killer who targets the city’s elite citizens. Investigate crime scenes using his time manipulation augmentation and advanced technology to reconstruct events leading up to each murder and uncover clues that lead to the horrifying truth behind the murders.

Noir Immersion – Lose yourself in a dystopian future through this meaningful and original interactive detective story, that explores the dangers of transhumanism and immortality. In a world of eternal life and vanishing morality, you, a hardened detective, must navigate the lines of right and wrong in a society where death is a distant memory.

A Stunning Narrative Adventure – Utilising the power of Unreal Engine 5, Nobody Wants to Die pushes the boundaries of storytelling, combining photorealistic graphics and a distinctly unique narrative experience.

Screenshots below: